Tremors in the Deeps

Violence and Visions

Facing Off Against Heaven and Hell

LAST TIME, IN THE UNDERDARK… The group fell through the ceiling of a mysterious underground temple, where Moostoron found a mysterious document that violated him mentally while the group was left facing four vicious-looking figures.
THIS TIME, IN THE UNDERDARK… With Moostoron writhing on the ground, the group was forced to focus their attention on the four horrific figures that had just descended from the ceiling. Two looked like tiny devils covered in spikes, and the other two had the forms of once-tall, strong men, now covered in lacerations, scars, and body modifications. Their teeth were filed to points, their wings ripped and plucked, and their eyes sightless and covered by bandages. Most unfortunately, each had a sword on his hip and a scythe literally embedded into the flesh of their backs. Iados shot forward, attempting secrecy. When his blows landed, the first angel seemed to gasp in pleasure, moving closer to the young Tiefling. Torment and Edgar quickly rushed to aid him, and Zazenna and Diedrich were left alone in the doorway. A few moments after the battle had begun, a dark, blanket-like creature fell from the ceiling, grabbing Zazenna with its many tentacles. Weakening her little by little, despite Diedrich’s aid, the creature eventually carried her unconscious form up into the darkness where the Party could not see her. Meanwhile, Moostoron continued to shriek and convulse, visions of a fallen god and unbearable agony ripping through his mind. After Iados, Torment, Edger, and Diedrich finished off the angels and devils, the Darkmantle returned with Zazenna, this time finding a corner where he could eat his prey. In a moment of rage, Iados seized the torch that had previously guarded Moostoron from the darkness, throwing it near the Darkmantle and causing it to drop Zazenna before fleeing into the darkness above. With Moostoron now awake and greatly shaken, the group was given a few moments of respite to heal themselves before the Darkmantle returned, this time attempting to seize Torment. Not long after the group finally brought the beast down, and were left shaken and bloody in the temple, with the sound of something grinding faintly coming through the far wall.



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