The Marquis

Old fart invoker who went a little heavy on the 'shrooms when he was younger and now worships Fluffers the Kitten god


AC 16
Fort 17
Ref 17
Will 20
HP 48

Powers include Lightning’s Revelation, Knives of the Soul, Rain of Blood, Blinding Invocation of Chains, Searing Orb, and Rebuke Undead. Also has an Astral Step ability that can move large sections of the party 3 squares.


The Marquis, who is apparently much too far gone to remember his actual name, got a little thing for ’shrooms as a young man, and spent 50 years in a hut cultivating them while worshiping a deity of his own delusion named Fluffers, a Chaotic Neutral Kitten god. After many years, he thought he heard Fluffers telling him to go forth and spread his name. However, living alone in a hut for half a century does not make one very street-wise, and he was picked up to serve as cannon fodder in the Arena games, where he met up with the main party. He believes that Fluffers has told him to follow the party, as it should be amusing to watch. Apparently Fluffers, being young, has trouble watching a particular party for long without assistance focusing in, and The Marquis acts as a sort of catalyst.

The Marquis

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