Tremors in the Deeps

The Adventurers Meet

Exploring Kavitha and the Shallows

Hundreds of years ago, an explosion in the sky laid waste to the earth, rending the sun in two and driving what little populations remained from the various races underground, to the Underdark. Although a few managed to make a living in the wasteland above, turning to banditry and scavenging, most found the cities beneath the earth much more hospitable. One of these cities is the thriving metropolis of Kavitha, which is completely contained within a large cavern lit by crystals growing out of the walls, ever-lit and simulating sunlight. The city has thrived in the shallows, drawing those seeking security from the desolation above and the terror below. Living in fear and walking a constant knife’s edge of survival, the population still speaks of the gods, who disappeared from mortal perceptions with the blast. In Kavitha, the people have learned to take care of themselves, and they serve as laborers or shopkeepers, with a fair share of artisans and merchants mixed in. Although there is no real governing body, for everyone has rallied together in their time of need, several individuals have claimed the titles of nobles due to their wealth and influence with the population. These men and women are for the most part either adored or feared. A favorite of the city is the up-and-coming Lord Sebastian, known for his eccentricity, infectious laugh, and generosity. It was he who called our six adventurers together at the Lazy Gnome, a tavern, one afternoon: Torment, a troubled Tiefling Bard and his son Iados, a conniving Rogue; Edger, a Kenku Warlock and one of the last of his kind; Diedrich, a helpful Human Ardent; Moostoron, a Minotaur Warden with a mission; and Zazenna, a militant carnivore and a Wilden Psion. Lord Sebastian had heard of their skill and their past pursuits, and despite their less-than reputable nature he believed that they had the power to help him. He had gotten his wealth through organizing a trading network with Kavitha, the Wastes, and several other locations around the Underdark. However, in the past few weeks, his caravans filled with goods hadn’t been reaching the city. As he stroked the small drake sleeping peacefully in his lap, he explained his worries concerning the well-being of his men and the location of his goods. He offered each of the individuals one thousand gold should they find his men, and gave each of them three healing potions to aid them on their mission. Although there was brief debate amongst the adventurers (Moostoron in particular, who had taken to drink), they agreed due to the large sum of money and promise of future favors. After thoroughly exploring their hometown, they set out to the southern King’s Road, where a local weapon dealer told them of the mysterious goings-on that had been occurring for the past month. Although the King’s Roads, said to have been carved by the gods and covered in blood that should have dried long ago, were always dangerous places, fewer and fewer adventurers seemed to be returning as of late. Some lucky men who had made it back spoke of the earth shaking along with screams and roars that echoed through stone. Not knowing what they were to encounter, the adventurers set off down the Southern King’s Road, searching for the lost caravan.



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